Featured Works

Talk: “Open Web Art”

A talk from JSConf 2014 on making collaborative and expressive experiences on the web and in public art.

Go to cell-flight.com/mural.html on your laptop and cell-flight.com on your phone.


Commissioned work on a large LED sculpture.

I organized and produced an event at the MIT Media Lab bringing together journalists and developers to collaborate on new technologies for news media.  The weekend consisted of talks, a hackathon, and project presentations. More info on the event website.

The task facing the protagonists of social liberation is to re-forge theoretical references which light a way out of the current, unprecedently nightmarish historical period.”

open web and public artist • developer advocate + product at embedly • co-founder New American Public Art • trustee at the Awesome Foundation • cultivate collective joy • Kawandeep Virdee