My name is Kawandeep Virdee,

I collaborate on works to encourage interactivity and participation in cities, organizations, and products. Meaningful design empowers people to be creative, individually and collectively.

Currently, I'm at Embedly

making it easier to post, combine, and share media on the web. I am a developer focusing on product and growth.

I make interactive art,

and with a group of talented artists co-founded New American Public Art to bring interactive and tech art out into the city for anyone to enjoy. I believe artists have an important role in exploring new technologies, and am very much involved with the creative coding and maker scene in Boston.

Follow what I'm working on

through my blog and on Twitter. While I update my portfolio, you can find my works here and here. Most of my projects are open source on Github. Here are upcoming and recent events I am involved with.

I'm happy to hear from you,

feel free to email or tweet. I'm always excited for speaking, workshop, hackathon, and art installation opportunities. Here are previous talks and workshops I've given. Here is some press about me.