machine learning for hackers code on github

Wow, this is kind of cool – the new book machine learning for hackers has some code for each chapter up on github.  I know other books have links to code on the o’reilly site, but there is something really nice about it being up on github- I just downloaded it and dove into some of the data and code (chapter 1’s data set is on UFO sightings- wild… and the code is beautifully commented).  I can now get a far deeper idea of what each chapter will be about than from the table of contents alone.  It  is a cool business model for the book- for those who may not wish to purchase the book, they can start working out examples.  If they want to know more, they can go ahead and borrow the book from the library, or purchase it.

The examples in the book are in R which has been in the periphery of my work in the last couple years- sometimes I’ve dabbled in it, but for the most part I’ve used numpy and scipy with python. This will be a good way to get familiar with that language, and get an idea of its strengths.