music, yes oui si opening

Last night I performed music with joey for an opening at Yes Oui Si. Amanda performed vocals on a few songs with us as well.

There were several installations, including a box lined with cotton you could go into, one of the walls a door hinged so that it lifted up. All the sounds outside would be muted inside after the door closed behind you. The only opening was a hole, where there were light patterns diffused by that soft membrane. You could put your head through that hole into that orb-space of light and sound. There was ambient music inside. I thought this piece was pretty cool, especially to have that space with someone else too. It brought to mind a lot of the null space / void concepts I was thinking about for previous works. A very simple, evocative execution.

The DJ played this song at one point, I like it.

Noze- Love Affair

And I finally got to hear Bathaus which was incredible, all live electronics, some with Maggie doing hip hop vocals on top. Some of the stuff I really dug hasn’t been recorded yet, its new, but here’s a nice track on the soundcloud.