New Interactive Public Art Sculpture: Neodya II sneak preview at the Artisan’s Asylum

Somerville open studios is this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm.  One of the newest studio spaces to open up is the Artisan’s Asylum’s new space- over a hundred studios are there.  Expect to see a lot of work.  I will be showing work I have built in collaboration with New American Public Art, called Neodya II.

The sculpture itself encourages generative construction.  It is built with hundreds of tiny magnets, serving as seeds for tiny metal cities.  We received a grant from Figment to produce the piece, and it will be displayed on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in June.  You can see the piece earlier at open studios this weekend.

I learned a few new construction processes while building this piece: how to use resin, fiberglass, and expanding foam.

The Artisan’s Asylum is on 10 Tyler St., Somerville, Massachusetts.