New media public art pieces currently on display around Boston

I have two public art pieces currently on display in the city.  You can see Lighthouse until mid march.  It consists of three projectors and an LED screen.  It is just steps away from the Aquarium T stop, and right by Quincy Market, at the Harbor Islands Pavilion.

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The installation uses three overlapping analogue projections to create a simple interactive light scape. The work’s form and materials echo the flow of the existing architecture and allude to old canvas ship sales and whale bones. These forms are reflected in the projected images as well as the generative animations shown on the 2 large video screens. [from the press release]

At the Boston Convention Center, you may see Urban Bloom. It is part of a series of works bringing art to the LED Marquee.  It is thirty seconds long, and will play alongside other pieces on the Marquee.  See the review by the Dig.  Because of it’s size, the Marquee is visible in several parts of South Boston.  The closest T stop is the World Trade Center T stop on the Silver Line.  It is visible as soon as you leave through the upper exit.

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“Urban Bloom,” is designed to convey the microcosm of city movement amongst the deeper, cyclical expanse of space. Spatially, the piece will be divided into panels representing movement in the city with linear cellular automata patterns juxtaposed against panels conveying the environment in which this city simulation is embedded – Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie meets Villareal’s Multiverse, with particles moving through the border passageways set against fading panels of saturated deep tones of pure color. The piece was developed using custom software to generate the automata patterns and gradual color shifting. []

It is very exciting to be showing work in the public space of Boston.  If you are in the Boston area, I encourage you to check out Lighthouse and Urban Bloom.