Now blogging from

I’m now blogging from .  This WordPress blog began to slow down, and after adding caching and a few other tricks, it still was not as fast as it used to be.  This would make it hard to iterate on posts, and the page load times were noticeable  Instead of spending way too much time chasing every possible issue, I figured I’d try another platform, where I don’t have to think about maintenance.

I like tumblr.  It has a great mobile app- I can easily take a photo or video and share, or read posts.  There are many great styles available, and mobile support of the blogs.  Instead of figuring out how to share my thoughts and projects, I wanted to focus more on my thoughts and projects.  I’m also impressed by the findability available in tumblr.  Through the tagging system, and probably other methods and algorithms, my posts surface for quite a few people.  That sort of distribution is exciting, and hints at a strong, thriving community around tumblr.

A few years ago when I put together this site, I was still figuring out how I wanted to present myself and my ideas.    It is something that will continually change over time.  Having all of the options to hack on top of the WordPress theme was great- to get exactly what I wanted.  I’m focusing on the making and documenting now.  Over the next few months I’ll gradually figure out how to present my projects and what else I’d like to highlight.

I still get plenty of hits on some of the posts and tutorials on this blog, so I will keep them up.

You can find the new blog here.