researching leadership tips and idea cultivation

I decided to get back into reading up on high-level leadership things, in comparison to the low-level technical stuff like learning languages and techniques. As a complement – to assist in idea formation, inspiration and development. I did this a lot a few years ago, then things felt too repetitive (design thinking, iterative design, etc) so I stopped.

Here are some sources I am excited to get into, or return to. Start Making is a series of courses, one on one style, about different facets of entrepreneurship.  E Corner at Stanford is a series of talks by entrepreneurs who come speak to the Stanford Tech Ventures class.  I listened to these years ago and they gave me a good feel of trends in companies and leadership practices. Protein Profiles looks to be a series of talks by creatives or technologies about creativity.

Today I checked out this article on leadership and Apple, there have been tons. I’ll apply to it its own advice, simplifying, and coarsen it to some main points, which are deeply tied together. Focus. Write down everything you need to do and pick the top four.  Focus your efforts, focus what you are making to that which is most important.  If you apply this to products, you get the next one, Simplify. Find the essence of what you are creating and dive into that.  This sounds very Minimum Viable Product-ish.  Take that essence, and cultivate it, don’t be distracted by profits, i.e. Product over Profits. Jobs described that companies lose their growth, their connection to users when biz managers take over and shift the focus to profits. I think the final tip of the article is best for the very seeds of ideas, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, looking at the world with an idea of what is possible that is incredible and knowing you can do it.  Dream. Make. IDEO describes that idea in their innovation process in part by the observation, or anthropologist traits- observing, watching, being attentive to what could be made better.  When you have this mindset, opportunities expose themselves.