weekend jam : five lights – be

Last week Five Lights released a new track. When this happens, it always feels like xmas.  Not only is there a new track, but a sweet, thoughtful cover image comes along with it.

five lights be

It starts with a familiar forward pushing beat- you know it means business- with a synth hit on the downbeat, slowly opening the filter cutoff.  A melody riff comes in reminiscent of Kraftwerk, followed by gorgeous pad chords.  The vocal sample from which the name of the song comes, tucked in, mixed right in with the beat.

What gets me most about this track is the production.  The elements may feel familiar, but there are bold touches in how they are mixed, and that makes all the difference.  A week or so ago I was playing with minimal four on the floor with a filter env bass to add a sharpness on the downbeat, upbeat, or both.  It is easy to get the parts down.  It is difficult to make it all compelling.  This makes me appreciate more patterns in this track, like the intro.  Enjoy: