We want to provide a space for local electronic musicians and multimedia artists to create uplifting collective experiences and engage the community.

Lets get together for a night of music, meeting, and visceral sonic electronic experiences.  We want to create a space for people playing with drum machines, synthesizers, digital formats, mixing, and everything inbetween to share their work and engage the community.  Something incredible is bubbling within electronic music–> the potential to engage a group to create an incredible collective experience.  Musicians are creating uplifting music that you can’t help but get excited about.

[from musica elettronica viva]

We are making the first steps now toward an actively revolutionary music, a music which will not be an instrument of ruling-class “culture”… but rather a force in the hands of the people, a special language belonging to everybody. When this happens, the “concert” will come to resemble other liberated forms such as the party or the day off.

WHIRL is a multimedia event to quench our desire for beautiful works of art in any medium and ecstatic electronic experiences produced by local artists.  Its something we can do together.  Contactwhichlight(take this out) at gmail(and this) dot com if you have any questions or would like to help out. thanks <3!

Past WHIRLing
at FIGMENT June 4-5, 2011

Collaboration with Dorkbot Boston

6-9 pm Tuesday, May 17th 2011, at Middlesex Lounge in Central Square, FREE

April 22nd at the Lilypad in Inman Square.

whirl flyer

Tentative artists and performers:

INTERACTIVE ART by Russell McClellan, Ben Lacker, Eric Rosenbaum, Jay Silver, Paul Feitzinger, Michael Dewberry, Will Whelan


PL: Rut Roh

DJs: Sleepyhead, Pajaritos

Performances by Pancake, Crista Galli, and plastic color// math magic on Saturday, September the 11th at the   Lilypad in Inman Square after the art installation and opening by Bill Imbrogna.

A live set from the evening
Latest tracks by Crista Galli

Performance and DJing by PC//MM, with many others joining in later in the evening.  Projections from a variety of sources including deep sea documentaries and science-y crystal flowing stuff.

plastic color//math magic is Joey Asal and Kawandeep Virdee

plastic color // math magic WHIRL demo by plasticcolormathmagic