imm la ti on: argue/eusocial

An electronic composition inspired by “Come Out” by Steve Reich. Accompanying film added afterward.

The electronic composition was created in 2008 for an assignment to create a piece in response to “Come Out” by Steve Reich.  I used an ARP 2600 and a vocal recording.  I was initially inspired by a passage in the book Shantaram that described so perfectly a moment during an argument between lovers.  It is a phase transition that occurs when one lover speaks words that convey exhaustion and defeat but not caring, and the other lover shifts from anger to an apologetic sadness.  I was thinking of those words,  and more importantly how they are spoken.

The film piece was created after.  In choosing the visuals I imagined forms which give a sense of movement and energy, yet are contained.  For me, those are the forms which many of the sounds in this piece evoked. I used old documentary footage from the Prelinger Archives.

imm la ti on: argue/eusocial from Kawandeep Virdee on Vimeo.

The electronic composition was featured in the GW Hatchet, and the video piece was featured in the GW Art Gala on March 28th 2008 in the E-Street City View Room.