murmur at NEC, ATNE processing workshop, arthackday:godmode ; creative coding events week of 2-24

A few events this week that look pretty cool in the creative coding space.
Tomorrow at NEC a piece with surround audio and projects called murmur at the New England Conservatory, by Amanda Justice and Amber Grizel Vistein.

Here is a past clip

Murmur Documentation from A Justice on Vimeo.

Details on FB

On Wednesday a processing workshop – generative art using computational physics- by Mark J. Stock at the cyberarts space in JP. Details on the ATNE website.

Generative art is created with the use of an autonomous system, usually a computational process fashioned by the artist.  Many methods used by generative artists such as Golan Levin, Casey Reas, and Scott Draves are, at their origins, simulations of complex systems which exhibit emergent behavior. The natural world is full of such systems. Computational physics is the study of converting the often impenetrable mathematics of real physics into a virtual, computer-friendly form. In other words, it lets us turn differential equations into ordered streams of simple operations: addition, multiplication, and the occasional square root.

And on Saturday in NY will be a closing reception of the arthackday:godmode, at 7pm , at 319 Scholes street. Details on their page. The premise sounds pretty cool:

What would you do if you were granted the power of invincibility? It’s an age-old question and one that game developers have been playing with since the early 80s by incorporating a feature called “God Mode” which offers players unlimited strength, seconds of invulnerability, a change in camera perspective, or access to previously unreachable areas. Since then, God Mode has reached beyond gaming and become pervasive in digital life. It’s the secret backdoor embedded in all our electronics, it’s the jailbreak, it’s how phone companies know where you are, it’s how ISPs know where you surf, and it’s how the NSA can eavesdrop on your communications.

Between February 28–March 2, sixty artists and hackers will inhabit 319 Scholes to explore the idea of God Mode and produce new, collaborative projects. Visitors are invited to engage and interact with the works as they are uploaded online throughout the hack and join the teams on Saturday March 2nd starting at 7:00pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and massive party.

Over the past few months momentum has been growing in the creative coding space in Boston, with the Boston Creative Coders, and Art+Code meetup. This is exciting.

performance, splice//light at toneburst reunion

For last week’s Beat Research DJ Flack and Wayne & Wax hosted a Toneburst reunion at the Good Life. Toneburst is a collective that performed shows around Boston in the late 90s.  They explored many forms of electronic music and video art, experimenting freely, and performed in many non-traditional venues, notable the Children’s museum.  Now over a decade later they had a reunion show, bringing back many of the original members.

A nice writeup of the history of Toneburst is posted here.

I performed with splice/ , who I met at the center for civic media where he is a principle investigator.  We began with tracks he recorded in the early 2000s for a fantastic hip hop album he recorded in Puerto Rico.  To bring those tracks live, splice/ dubbed them, including delay effects, bringing elements in and out.  I mixed in a beat and synths with the monomachine, including filtering and delays.  For one of the tracks splice/ also performed live with a melodica.  I performed as /light, making us splice//light.

During the show, archived footage from Toneburst was played on the TV’s around the venue.  It was impressive to see how well the performances were well documented, through blog posts and video.  Now years later many of the members are accomplished DJ’s and artists.  Beat Research was grew from Flack and Wayne & Wax, and the DJ’s include Ripley and Rupture.  For me it was particularly exciting to see, especially since my creative explorations have led to similar initiatives with local artists.

By far one of the coolest things I saw there was the bass stick, an instrument that Flack built.  Imagine a guitar that can play the deep bass and modulate as freely as a dubstep bass.  That’s the bass stick.  He performed with Pace and Wayne & Wax in their group Avuncular Bass, and that show was their debut.

music, yes oui si opening

Last night I performed music with joey for an opening at Yes Oui Si. Amanda performed vocals on a few songs with us as well.

There were several installations, including a box lined with cotton you could go into, one of the walls a door hinged so that it lifted up. All the sounds outside would be muted inside after the door closed behind you. The only opening was a hole, where there were light patterns diffused by that soft membrane. You could put your head through that hole into that orb-space of light and sound. There was ambient music inside. I thought this piece was pretty cool, especially to have that space with someone else too. It brought to mind a lot of the null space / void concepts I was thinking about for previous works. A very simple, evocative execution.

The DJ played this song at one point, I like it.

Noze- Love Affair

And I finally got to hear Bathaus which was incredible, all live electronics, some with Maggie doing hip hop vocals on top. Some of the stuff I really dug hasn’t been recorded yet, its new, but here’s a nice track on the soundcloud.

Future Bass themed Pico Picante

Joey and I will be performing at the next Pico Picante, this Friday. It will be future bass themed, which is fantastic because I’ve really been getting into this genre.  It is still developing, but some places you can get an idea of this genre here.  So right now I’m playing with different bass textures.  Should be fun.  Details on  Facebook.

9:30 (or earlier) – 10:30  PC//MM
10:30 – 11  Pajaritos
11 – 12  K!O 
12 – 12:30 Pajaritos
12:30 – 1:30 Rizzla
Just heard K!O last week, really diggin those beats.  Spirited Magazine will be doing photos and Vela will have some visuals.

Performing at the Sensate Workshop

I will be performing at the Sensate workshop tonight at MIT.

click for PDF flyer


Joey and I met with Julia and Tom of Sensate, and Ben of goodgood a few times in the past weeks to plan out the workshop details. It’ll be a fun event, with live music (PC//MM) and people remixing sensate work with Zeega. The facebook event link is here,

Sensate will be holding a workshop on January 27th at MIT—come by and see what we’re all about! Suited for scholars, artists, and scientists who are interested in new modes of publication, presentation, and multimedia scholarship. Stop in anytime between 4 and 7pm. This workshop will feature live music by Plastic Color Math Magic and demonstrations of the new interactive documentary platform, Zeega. We invite participants to build their own multimedia projects using Zeega and explore the future of interactive art and online multimedia publishing with the Sensate journal crew.

This event is free and open to the public.

The Sensate Workshop is from 4-7 tonight at room 144 and 148 on the MIT campus.

Also I really love the logo Ben made for PC//MM (plastic color math magic).  You can see it on the bottom right corner of the flyer.  Its kind of hilarious. I’ve blown it up here:


And here is a video Sensate made to be projected during the event.


PC//MM Performance at Gay Gardens

This friday PC//MM is performing at Gay Gardens. I’m excited about this because when it comes to DIY house shows, Gay Gardens is one of the places in Boston- hosting free shows for years. Kind of like Dekum Manor in Portland.  An incredible venue for the public.

Facebook event:

PC//MM Performance, Dope Boi Fresh

Playing a halloween show at Midway Cafe in JP.  No cover.

Links to PC//MM music : Soundcloud page. Web page.

Details from the event posting:


No more wasted time arguing about where you will spend halloween, only to end up somewhere shitty. DOPE BOI FRESH is ready to scare you stOOpid with monster beats. This is a party dedicated to DANCING + MASKS + WIGS + GOLD + HIP HOP






Visuals all night brought to you by: HEXbeam


Home is where the heart is, let’s party at the midway.

PC//MM tracks, Pico Picante and Sessions

Put up a few PC//MM tracks from the last couple months.

From Pico Picante Vol. 2, in the basement of Good Life.  They have incredible bass down there.


And a second Joey and I recorded, Sessions.  Here are B and C. They are much more cerebral.

[audio:] [audio:]

PICÓ PICANTE at the Lily Pad

PC/MM (Joey and I) will be rockin out tonight at the Lilypad in Inman square, at a show produced in collaboration by Golden Arrows (Alex Hage and Nerissa Cooney) and Pajaritos (Sara Skolnick and Ernesto Morales).  This will be great.  Last time Pajaritos and PC/MM performed together, Alex Hage of Golden Arrows was there and totally upped the excitement/immersion of the event with dancefloor facepainting.  I can’t even imaging whats in store for tonight.

So on the lineup alongside PC//MM and Pajaritos will be DJing by Oxycontinental (Ricardo De Lima) and live visuals by Arthur (Nickolas Chelyapov).   Ricardo is the force behind downtown’s DIY esque venue Spectacle- though I haven’t been there it, it was sister/brother/cousin venues with HMSPutnam when Putnam was around, so its mad cool in my books, and by transitivity Oxycontinental will throw down a good show.  I’m pumped Nick is VJing, I saw a clip a few weeks ago of his live visuals for the Beaux Arts Ball at Harvard and it was just incredible.

Harvard GSD Beaux Arts Ball from Nickolas Peter on Vimeo.

Some press coverage by the weekly dig:

There’s a new Tabasco-fiery nightlife series going on in Inman Square. The Lily Pad is pairing up with local graphic design collective, Golden Arrows, to pay homage to Latin American music via DJs stylings. This Saturday  Cambridge is getting down to DJ pair Pajaritos and El Oxycontinental with a performance by PC // MM. Best of all, it’s free and free things are the best things. And the name Pico Picante? It just sounds delicious. Like I want to be eating it accompanied by a margarita. Who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and be merry?


and the Globe as part of their ‘Nightlife: The Week Ahead’ section:

PICÓ PICANTE Organizer Sara Skolnick describes Pico Picante as the first of a series of nightlife events that pay homage to emerging genres that celebrate staples of Latin American music through electronic reworks, such as tropical bass, Moombahton and digital cumbia.’’ DJs Pajaritos and Oxycontinental, perform, along with live electro act PC//MM. July 2, 7 p.m. No cover. Lily Pad. 617-395-1393,


Here is a link
to the facebook event.