Getting up and running with the Raspberry Pi!

So I just got a Raspberry Pi. The good folks at Adafruit sent one over because New American Public Art recently had a huge order for Listener.

One thing you gotta keep in mind- unless you already have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, you’re gonna spend a few more dollars, and by a few dollars potentially several times more than the Pi actually cost. Don’t assume all keyboards and mice will work, some don’t. Here is a list of verified peripherals for the Raspberry Pi. I just went to Adafruit and saw what was in the starter pack and ordered the peripherals from them. I got a monitor and mouse from Staples.

Though there is a getting started guide on the raspberry site, I found this one on engadget pretty awesome, lots of handholding, esp during the config part, which is nice.

screen from raspi

The monitor is a bit distorted. It’s because I’m using a super old CRT TV. While it was cute, I had to get a monitor because the TV cut off the edges, and it was hard to read.

raspberry pi