on the Tech Advisory Board of the Together Festival

For the last few years I’ve gotten involved with parts of the arts scene, music scene, and tech scene here around Boston/Cambridge/Somerville.  When I arrived here, it was the first year of the Together Festival.  Since then, it has expanded from being solely about music, to including technology.  At their events I would meet artists I would soon collaborate with, or curate. I would perform, and I’d hear great music.

I’m thrilled to say that this year I’m part of the Together Tech Advisory Board.

Together’s Technology Coordinator, Robby Grodin, has assembled a group of thinkers, visionaries and tech industry pioneers to guide the technology programming, panels and events of this year’s Together Festival, May 13th-19th, 2013.

It is a great opportunity, and I’m already brimming with possible panels and events to throw- mostly seeing this as a window into showcasing artists and makers whose work I’ve found compelling around town.  Some panels I’m thinking about now are Public Art and Technology, Interactive Art, and Creative Coding. Events wise, I’ll be doing WHIRL again, and definitely stirring up excitement around a hackathon.

open call for WHIRL at the together festival

**OPEN CALL for INTERACTIVE (SOUND) ART to be showcased at WHIRL**

Hey all!

Joey and I will be hosting a WHIRL event at Machine on Saturday, April 7th.  The event will be free, and part of the Together Festival of electronic music.  It will be a mix of awesome interactive art and meetings of cool people.   We want to showcase some of the sweet interactive art around cambridge, boston, and somerville, with a focus towards interactive sound art, so like musical instruments you’ve made, wearable sound stuff, but we’re also pumped about cool projection visualizations that respond to you, because those are fun to dance with.

We’ll be in the pool room of Machine, which is perfect since it has tons of tables to set things up on.  If you’ve been working on a project you want to prototype, or you have something finished you’d like to see in action again, definitely contact us, we’d love to present your work.

sweet examples from the past:

*umbrella with microphones that sample and headphones that play the samples all around you
*kinect dubstep, and crazy funhouse kinect
*Awesome interactive computer vision stuff
*LED grids that respond to your breath
*Arduino synths

Rough schedule:

6 to 8 : the art/instruments will be showcased around machine.
8 to 9 : local electronic act performs (merging with the interactive art experience)

More info:: WHIRL is a multimedia event to quench our desire for beautiful works of art in any medium and ecstatic electronic experiences produced by local artists.  Its something we can do together.  Contact whichlight at g mail dot com if you have any questions or would like to help out. thanks <3!

spread the word! to your buddies who play with sound stuff, dig heavy dance beats, or like hi fiving local electro musicians and artists.  Again, shoot us a message if you would like to present your work.